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Next Generation CNS Models for Reliable & Translatable Predictions

Welcome to the Translatable Models in Neuroscience Summit

Recapitulate Biologically Relevant Phenotypes of Neurological Disorders  

Amongst the latest innovations in patient-derived iPSC models, 3D brain organoid models, advances in artificially driving neurodegeneration in vivo, and AI/ML methods to utilize messy biological data, biopharma is prioritizing preclinical models.

The Translatable Models in Neuroscience Summit is bringing together 50+ in vitro, in vivo, and in silico model developers transforming CNS disease recapitulation and bridging the translational gap.

This an unrivaled opportunity to unite with neuroscientists, bioengineers, and AI/ML engineers to engage in meaningful discussion and advance CNS disease recapitulation, and catapult your pipeline toward the clinic.

Hear what other World CNS Series attendees have said in 2023:

“The most enjoyable part was getting to talk and network with colleagues from other companies as well as from my company. For me, the joy of science is found in the collective effort and collaboration with some of the most brilliant minds in our field and now, I’m able to bring new ideas to my team based on the consensus in the field around specific topics”

Bryan Ferguson, Senior Associate Scientist, Biogen

“I thought this was a very well-organised event and of a perfect size for meaningful discussions and introductions. The speakers were engaging and covered a highly relevant range of topics and targets.”

Kevin Dines, Senior Director, Preclinical Sciences & Neuroscience Scientific, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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