Partnership Opportunities

*Please note this event has been cancelled*

With enormous investments being made to overcome the translational gap and move drugs to clinic, neuroscience drug developers are actively seeking collaboration to support their preclinical model development.

Join the only industry-led event uniting neuroscientists, bioengineers, computational biologists, and AI/ML engineers in large pharma and biotech to overcome the translational gap in CNS drug development.

Capitalize on this audience for unmatched brand visibility with 8+ hours of structured networking and demonstrate your expertise to preclinical CNS drug developers. Engage with neuroscience leaders to understand their modelling challenges and take away key market insights.

Experts Need Your Help With:

3D Tissue Models to mimic brain anatomy

Software Platforms & AI/ML Tools to make data-driven decisions and models to transform neuroscience drug discovery

iPSC Cell Lines & CRO Services to guide in vitro model choice to solve neuroscience research questions at scale

Microfluidic & Bioprinting Instruments to improve reproducibility of complex CNS models and streamline laboratories

Humanized Mouse Models to monitor neuroimmune response and understand the function of genes implicated in neurological disorders

Why Partner?

Capitalize on bespoke partnership opportunities to present your product and expertise, take advantage of a tailored audience of decision-makers perfectly primed to learn about your services

Be the first through the door to establish yourself above your competitors for CNS drug developers seeking translatable models

Engage in 8+ hours of structured networking to connect with potential clients from leading pharma to demerging neuroscience biotech seeking their first commercial partners