*Please note this event has been cancelled*

The 1st Annual Translatable Models in Neuroscience Summit

Join this critical meeting to discover how neuroscience biopharma are improving the predictive capacity of their in vitro, in vivo, and in silico models, benefit from years of experimentation and apply their learnings to your CNS pipeline.

2023 brings practical 3D brain organoids, patient-derived iPSC fibroblast models, AI/ML to integrate and interpret multiple complex data streams, all to slash long CNS development pipelines.

The Translatable Models in Neuroscience Summit provides a collaborative forum to critically assess the utility, translatability, and accuracy of preclinical models and predictions.

Join Your Peers to:

Explore advances in in vivo models of the peripheral nervous system and artificially driving neurodegenerative disease in mouse models with Biogen and Eli Lilly & Co

Address the practical considerations when implementing in vitro CNS models from academic protocols or off-the-shelf into pure and scalable cultures with Quiver Biosciences & Vaxxinity

Disrupt traditional development and implement computational methods including AI and ML techniques to navigate messy and limited biological data from neurodegenerative disease patients, to bolster preclinical research and guide clinical trial design with Sanofi and Takeda

Overcome limitations to understanding the existing CNS models to unlock data for toxicity and pharmacokinetic profiles with organ-on-a-chip with Alchemab Therapeutics and Regeneron

Meet professionals across specialisms to unite the mathematical and the biological for roundtable and panel discussions to explore unified preclinical models and pre-competitive sharing in neuroscience

Who Will You Meet?

A highly focused forum hosting industry-based neuroscience drug developers, technical experts driving model development and innovation, bioengineers, and computer scientists.

Join peers from discovery, preclinical, translation, and early clinical to improve the utility of modes to improve translation to clinic and accelerate CNS drug development pipelines.

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What Your Peers Have to Say

Hear what other World CNS Series attendees have said in 2023:

“Well-organized, engaging, and informative”

Iosif Pediaditakis, Associate Director, Neuroscience, Alchemab Therapeutics

“It was a very interactive conference where I could do networking and exchange a lot of knowledge and experience in the field”

Kiichiro Yano, Director, Daiichi Sankyo

“The most enjoyable part was getting to talk and network with colleagues from other companies as well as from my company. For me, the joy of science is found in the collective effort and collaboration with some of the most brilliant minds in our field and now, I’m able to bring new ideas to my team based on the consensus in the field around specific topics”

Bryan Ferguson, Senior Associate Scientist, Biogen